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Websites Crafted for the Rest of Us

You're already busy. Even with those drag-and-drop website creators, it's just a hassle to add to your day. And hiring someone to do it for you can be very expensive. That's why we're here...

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It takes an Artist's Touch

Sure, these days, anybody can build a website with drag and drop features, but a website is just as important to your audience as any other form of media, and must be crafted as such! 


Our designs work seamlessly between Browser and Mobile use!

Real People

Some have heard of the A.I. -- Artificial Intelligence - that can build a website in seconds. Not only can this be very expensive, It doesn't leave many options for you, the owner of the site! We work with you every step of the way.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Support

We pride ourselves on our friendly and understanding team. In fact, our devotion to your site is proved with our methods. The same agent who first meets with you sees the project through to completion!

Live Preview

While we work hard to craft your best website, we regularly update the results live. This allows for you to check on the progress, watching the project blossom into a fully functional, beautiful website that engages with your internet audience.

Fair Price

Every site is built for a reasonable rate, and maintained with an equally fair subscription fee, as an option!  Upon setup of the contract, pay a flat fee of $300, and then you're all set! There are absolutely no hidden costs. Ever. And, even as our price may evolve, your site stays at the price quoted to you.

Optional Monthly Maintenance

Perfect for those who may not have the time or skill to constantly make upkeep changes to their site. Let us handle it! This also covers your domain and hosting costs, conveniently for you!

Optional Custom Graphics

At request, we can not only build your best website, but also create custom graphics for it!* That includes, but is not limited to, logos, custom clickable buttons, and animated GIF images.

"Why do I need a website, when my facebook page will do?"

A facebook or other social media page will do wonders for your business or organization, however there are limitations to this method.

Social Media Trolls

Unfiltered comments sections on social media allow for anyone - even spam bots - to defame your business. We've all seen them. They can be ruthless and harmful for an organization that's trying to reach out to their internet audience.

It Takes Time

Social media posts, photos, and other information take time out of your busy schedule to prepare and submit. When you buy our service, we set up the stage, and when you get the optional monthly maintenance, we continually do the work for you on your website.

It's Limiting

Social Media is great for connecting to people, but its customization features are very limiting. Photos are nice, but a video is tricky. Themes are limited to colors, and you can't get everything exactly how you want it. Social media platforms require you to play by their rules.


At the current era of social media, people who do not have accounts, whether by choice or not, are excluded from the content. Someone who doesn't have facebook can't view your page, or interact with its content. A website can be accessed by anyone. 

Our Prices

$ 300

Complete Website Design

With the up-front, one-time Design fee is included 3 free custom graphics. We handle your domain and hosting for the first month too.

$ 50/mo

Optional Monthly Maintenance

Perfect for meeting the needs of clients who may not have the time or skill to maintain upkeep of their website. This also handles your domain and hosting costs continuously.

or $ 50

Pre-pay-as-you-go Maintenance

Introduced by special demand, this option is available to replace monthly maintenance for those who have their own domain and hosting plans covered. Terms and conditions apply. More info here. Pay as you go maintenance is offered to specific clientelle based on their website needs.

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