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A relatively short time ago in a midwestern city very, very close…

ALIEN & CO. Marking up the competition


It was a time of war for the tattooing industry in the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As the amount of tattoo shops popping up in the area increased, so did the customer-to-artist ratio grow very dangerous. However...

One shop will stand victorious, proudly continuing to mark its clients with out-of-this-world ink! They call that shop Alien & Co.

Vietnam War Veteran. Community Figure. Tattoo Master. For over 40 years Steve Butterfield, a.k.a. the Alien, has lived and breathed these words. With a rich history, a wealth of experience and knowledge, and the creativity to prove it under his belt, Alien opened his shop. Now, today, he is joined by Dustin Buri and Wyatt Bloch with the goal of making your skin into ART!! ....and not in the horror-movie way. All equipment and rooms are cleaned and sterilized vigorously, and the techniques implemented with the tattoo machine come from the best in the business.

That said, stop by! Your body is a temple, and Alien has been here to paint the walls for over 40 years.