The Sunniford Project

Due to the nature of the situation regarding COVID-19, we've decided to focus our resources on more pressing matters. Until this is resolved, the Sunniford Project is suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience, and please note that the open memorial is still accepting passed pet pictures!

“To lose a pet is truly an endeavor. I’ve experienced this very recently. Sunny was a pinnacle of stability and happiness in our home, and to honor him, WebWorkings is starting the Sunniford Project.”

— WebWorkings founder Wilson Trent

Purchase a full website design or redesign at normal price and sign up for monthly maintenance and we’ll donate a portion to local Animal Sanctuary Charities. Please note that it doesn't cost anything to add to the memorial below.

help "What is an open memorial?"
-- We are calling this page an open memorial meaning that anyone, even people who aren't clients of WebWorkings, can have their dearly departed pets' pictures added to this page.

Below, you can browse memories of dearly departed pets.